Kollectif Bunker

Active on the Liège artistic (audiovisual) scene since 2012, Kollectif Bunker is constantly trying to develop a socio-cultural approach that is open-minded, free & able to involve a large audience in a concern for "community" development that remains to this day (inevitably thanks to this incredible support that is yours) without limits.
Challenging genres in a new way with a series of ideas put into action in a concrete & powerful way, ... it will at least have the merit of trying to be beautiful & powerful - at least that's the disturbing vision that has driven our team since its premature debut on the dancefloor !

The proposed events have always followed each other (although spaced because a love that is too fusional & tight-knit is never really durable), with only one & only will: not to be alike. Expos (photos, installations,...), lives, dj sets, mapping, performances, transformation of spaces, implementation of shifted universes intertwining reality & fiction... . Bringing art together in a single & same space for sharing and exchange, a complex idea for a "travelling" organization that will remain above all an endless motivation.
This priority is therefore to "bring together" a multitude of universes in places that are not, at the base, specifically dedicated to such interactions... This will be followed by numerous space redesigns, including the following non-exhaustive list: Le Fiacre (R.I.P.), Le café "Le Cappucino 1971", Le Cupper Café, Le café "L'Escalier", La Caserne Fonck, la Société Littéraire, le KulturA, Le Théâtre Le Moderne,... Within which will take place more underground & sharp events such as the "WHO KILLS THE DJ?" evenings or more recently the musical Sundays called "MODERNE MUSIK SUNDAY" (in the outer courtyard of the Le Moderne theatre whose space has been redesigned & redesigned from top to bottom so that the true facet of the Kollectif can be felt by all... finally, we believe it hard and fast).
Because of its openness to influences from the European musical and artistic scenes (the members of the kollectif were cradled at the beginning of their existence by cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne,... in short, Eastern Europe is what but not only... whatever...), it will inevitably feel the soft evolutions at the level of musical & atmospheric proposals - electronic music in the broad sense of the term will remain the leitmotiv & will occupy a preponderant place during various events although the first few moments were punctuated by indie/rock/new-wave/hip-hop/electro sounds... which nevertheless retain a significant impact within our fragile tympans.
However, an essential goal has been preserved: the discovery (and rediscovery) of artists who are little known or unknown, essentially local (because it goes without saying that our Belgian scene is full of rough diamonds waiting only for a slight polishing) & sometimes international.
Over the years & encounters (each more interesting & surprising than the next), magnificent collaborations have also emerged with collectives such as Sauvage Sauvage, Le Digital (Bal Musette), Le No Name Festival (with whom we have created a meta-collective with the small name "La Fessée"), LEA (Liège Electronic Archives), L'Appartement Nomade, ... ...
The promotion of local artists (some of whom are an integral part of the Kollectif, see Booking tab) will also calmly be added to what is intended as a platform for evolving artistic proposals.
If you are currently unfamiliar with the initials "KB", you should be aware that this will only last for a short time, as we intend to invade your audiovisual space with powerful proposals that, we hope, will leave their mark on you for the next 200 years.




The time for smart booking is now: KB is proud to be able to count on emerging local artists evolving in different styles (without being devoid of good taste) while keeping an "underground" side that is their own.
Be sure, these guys will give a slight bitter taste to your events, and it won't be to displease you!
If you want to have them for a night or a lifetime, please check out the bio below.
Good to know: We are constantly on the lookout for new artistic proposals so if you think that your musical universe fits with our approach, feel free to send us your useful links on our email address! We will be happy to discover / listen to you & we will realize, we never know, a part of the trip together.

DJ set Downtempo-Minimal / Hip-hop-Futurbeat-Bassmusic

His first steps in music were made in the early 2000s as an MC and beatmaker in a Liège rap group with whom he collaborated on various musical projects. At the time, his influences were clearly those of "underground and boom-bap" hip-hop, far from the commercial sounding strass and sequins.
Later on, he travelled extensively, notably to London, New York, Montreal, Berlin, Cologne... He attended various clubs and festivals where he discovered and learned the so-called "electronic" music. His apprehensions eventually fell and his musical horizons widened!
In 2014, it comes as no great surprise that he joined the Liège-based collective "Kollectif Bunker", whose members make up his circle of everyday friends! It is also on this occasion that he launches himself as a dj, his sets then sound rather house/minimal and are just like the collective.
Thanks to his eclecticism and a varied musical background, his style has evolved and diversified! Today his sets vary mainly between Downtempo/Electro/Minimal and Hip-Hop/Futurbeatbeat/Bassmusic.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/boranov

Live Minimal-Techno

Javelot is an electronic music project mixing machine sounds with acoustic sounds played, or from field recording. The combination of their various influences gives rise to bastard productions, between club and salon music.
The first tracks, entirely produced in their home studio, combine the respective worlds of the two musicians. Natural percussions rub shoulders with drum machines, samples become synths, and voices become instruments.
Released in summer 2018 in self-production, their first Ep is a 40-minute improvised experiment, recorded in a single take. Some of the sounds that compose it are those of the surroundings of an isolated chalet in the Ardennes forests.
In concert, the melodies are adorned with efficiency and more sustained rhythms. The songs stretch and remain open to a freedom of improvisation, which makes each live performance a unique moment.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Javelot.official/

Live Minimal-Techno

Only available in french, coming soon in english.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/johnkrookmusic
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/johnkrook

DJ set vinyl ou digital Minimal-Techno

Submerged at the beginning of its existence by the diversity offered by this rough diamond called Music, Ypsilon44 (also a member of the Kollectif Bunker) offers sets (digital or vinyl only) that evolve between (re)discoveries minimal & techno, funky/groovy beats, electronic acid jazz. Constantly favouring musicality and the perfect blend of diametrically opposed universes, the sound journey promises a sweet, subtle and exotic madness.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ypsilon44/
Mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud.com/KollectifBunkerLiege/kollectif-bunker-ypsilon44-b2b-kwr-sauvage-sauvage-special-mix/

The Kollectif Bunker as a non-profit organisation makes its sound equipment available and rents it to other organisations. You can find our rental list and prices Here : <a href="https://drive.google.com/open?id=1i9cE2Qm7j3VeQeOwYO7OASkILNLpBRB3"
If you are interested in a rental, the easiest way is to contact us by email: kollectifbunkerliege@gmail.com